Over the Bar

The Apple Farm is a fully licensed venue for up to 200 guests. Ultimately, you make up your own rules for tabs. You decide what’s included and what isn’t. We have a great selection of beers and our wines are all local from Coonawarra & Padthaway.

There are 4 ways you can provide alcohol to your guests:

  1. FULL TAB – You pay for everything, but you can make up your own rules as to what you are willing to provide {eg spirits and certain wines}. Wine is purchased by the bottle instead of by the glass.
  2. NO TAB – Everyone pays for their own drinks. You may even choose no tab for alcohol, but provide full tab for soft stuff, tea & coffee.
  3. SUBSIDISED – We split the cost of drinks. For example, a beer or wine that costs $8 – we split, so that you pay $3 – and your guest pays the remaining $5. Spirits that cost $9 can get split – $6 for your guest and $3 for you. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are generally provided free for your guests but we can discuss this and split this cost as well. From past experience we find that people don’t mind spending $5 on a drink and it’s a great way to provide for your guests without it breaking your bank.
  4. MIX IT UP – for example, with a $2000 budget you provide $1500 full bar tab – $500 subsidised – then when that runs up, it’s No Tab with full price drinks.

We have an extensive wine and beer list that you can choose from – or we can help you select your drinks menu. If you have a particular drink of choice, we can source that for you. We also have an extensive menu that includes cocktails & mocktails. We allow you to provide your own bottled water for your guests – in fact we encourage it.

Because of licensing restrictions BYO is not available at The Apple Farm. If guests are found bringing in their own alcohol our license is breached and your bond may be forfeited.

Learn more about bar information by downloading a functions brochure